HOW we can help

Beat the Pro

We put a fun spin on closest to the pin contest. This professional will be stationed on a par three. If the event is charity based, the pro will raise money for that charity. For more information on the fundraising please send us an email.

Roaming Pro

This option is where the pros will play 1-3 holes with each team and move forward. The number of pros and number of holes each pro can play with the teams varies based on number of players.

Pro-Am Style

We can be paired with premiere sponsors or vendors, and or with all of the teams. There are many options to consider. For help with these options please feel free to contact us.

Long Drive Pro

This professional will be either on a par four or par five. If the event is charity based, this pro will raise money for that charity.

Clinic on the range

This can be paired with any of the above options. We are able to do a clinic before the tournament as well. Any of the options listed above can be paired together.

If you are interested in working with us, you might still have a few questions.

We are always happy to help you figure out which options will make your event the best it can be.