HOW we can help

Beat the Pro

Our take on the closest to the pin and ‘beat the pro’ competition is one way our team can assist in raising money for your charity or cause. On a par three, our golf pro will be stationed to help manage the contest among your event guests. This style event creates a friendly competition among players and wagers benefit your fundraising goals.

Roaming Pro

Make the course more exciting while playing with our pro on strategic holes with designated teams. Moving forward on the course our pros will help facilitate the game, assist with fundraising efforts and play 1-3 holes with your guests. We can tailor the game with the appropriate amount of pros and number of holes to be played based on the number of guest players.

Pro-Am Style

We pair our expert Backswing Golf Events pros with guests with varying levels of golfing expertise to bring the game and experience to another level. We also work with your sponsors and vendors to enhance the event and support specific event goals while maintaining your brand and organization’s mission.

long drive pro

Our Long Drive activity is a guest favorite! Our dedicated professional will be on a par four or five hole and the challenge for your guests will be to take their best swing to hit the ball the farthest toward the designated hole. The challenge integrates skill, chance, and lots of excitement among everyone that participates!

clinic on the range

Learn from the pros! Our Golf Clinics are enjoyable for all, even non- experienced golfers. We can combine guests based on skill levels so serious golfers can work with our pro on their swing with helpful guidance and coaching. Golfers that are less skilled or new to the game can learn directly from our pros and get a feel for the joys of golfing. Our pros are friendly, approachable, and enjoy sharing their love for the game. Our Golf Clinics can be paired with any of our other interactive services!


The Golf Ball Launcher is a BLAST and gives your outing attendees something to talk about. Everyone can participate in the launch, even a 9-year old has launched! The launcher has absolutely no kick back. Our team will set up on a par 4 with a distance between 300-350 yards. For a minimum donation, players get to launch our custom golf ball down the fairway to land on the green for a chance at eagle. We run a closest to the pin contest and provide a prize for the winner.

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drone drive

Bring the WOW factor to your golf tournament with the new and innovative Drone Drive! Our drones fly one golf ball for each group to the green on a designated Par 4 for a chance at a Hole in One! Our experienced Flight Crew will engage your golfers, raise funds for your cause, and expedite pace of play.

glass break

Do you remember the show Big Break on Golf Channel? We have recreated the fun “glass break challenge” for your players to try! We can also put a sponsor logo on the boards! This is usually set up on the range for players to try before teeing off for the event, and can be set up with prizes if desired.

super ticket

The “Super Ticket” is a combination participant activity and fundraiser. It consists of a bundled package price for traditional fundraising items typically offered at registration. The primary purpose is to encourage the participant to purchase everything in one stop, so the golfers are not asked for money throughout the day.

trackman experience

TrackMan’s easy-to-use Event Software that is sure to create and capture memorable golf moments at your tournament. The players’ swing is video recorded (front and down the line) and data collected with nine key data parameters, and can include infographics and leaderboards for a fun competition.

If you are interested in working with us, you might still have a few questions.

We are always happy to help you figure out which options will make your event the best it can be.